Sunday, September 6, 2009

NewCS CardDetect observation with Jaycar Reader

Just tried a little test.

- Set carddetect=yes in newcs.xml.
- Started up NewCS without card and let it run through its startup sequence
- Observed activity via Telnet (Reset of course had failed on init)
- Inserted a plastic card into reader slot so that carddetect switch active
- NewCS then tried to carry out a card init, failed, tried again, failed, repeat....
- If I pulled the plastic card out then the sequence stopped, inserting card starts sequence again.

Why is this good? It means your NewCS server PC can startup fully without a card. As soon as you insert your card it will initialise it/self ready for serving. Kinda cool if you need to move your card between your STB and PC (PC does not need to be rebooted).

NOTE: The Jaycar Reader has had the CardDetect Invert Mod carried out.

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